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HD Helicopters GmbH is located in the Southwestern part of Germany, in the greater Stuttgart area.

We are a small group of helicopter enthusiasts who gathered for only one goal: To design and produce extraordinary good helicopters showing a total different design. In optical appearance and technical solution.
All people involved in this company hold several degrees in each of their possitions combined with more than 30 years of experience in CAD, engineering, CNC-manufacturing and economics.

HD Helicopters Germany is able to produce on own 5-axis CNC-mills representing the latest technology with the highest possible precission. Our goal is not to produce a high numbers output. We have commited to deliver the highest possible quality to our appreciated customers and meet industrial standards in the hobby sector. We are furthermore involved in manufacturing and - especially - prototyping for the big company-names in the greater Stuttgart area.

We deliver our helicopters and spare-parts direct to customers all over the world. Frankfurt, New York, Sydney, meanwhile our customers are spread all over the globe. Together with our commited and strong partner Superstitionhobbies located in Mesa, Arizona, USA we serve the US-market combined with the great expertise of Mr. Alan Moulton known as the best builder on the market with a superior technical understanding and support for our overseas pilots.

Our factory- and demo pilots team include the greatest names and personalities this business can offer. We do not want to grow too much to keep the direct and uncomplicated conversation between the company and the team-pilots all over the world.

IRCHA, OHB, ROTOR-LIVE, the greatest events in the world is our platform to present and demo our helis.

We are very proud to have one of the greatest people in this business on board.
Stay tuned for much more to come in the near future.