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HD500 A-Spinblades 465mm HD500 A-Spinblades 465mm

Spinblades 465mm

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HD502 CELL (canopies might be shipped delayed) HD502 CELL (canopies might be shipped delayed)

Technical specs HD 502 CELL DBDS
500 class optimized for 5-6s operation
Main blades: 500mm (included in the kit)
Rotor diameter with 500mm main blades: 1125mm
New Direct Belt Drive System with a 18mm belt and light weight aluminium wheels for smooth and silent operation
Take-Off weight ca. 1980 Gramm without batteries
Length: Ca. 970mm
Width: Ca. 140mm
Height: Ca. 295mm
Tail rotor: 220mm
Main rotor: Ø 10mm
Tail shaft: : Ø 4 mm
Main drive gear: 120T
Optional pinion 17T / 18T / 19T /
Drive gear ratio: 120T / 15 - 1 : 8 to 1:6,00
Tail gear ratio: 76T / 16T - 1 : 4,75
Integrated Tail Belt Tension System
Usage of 48,9mm engines possible (Pyro 600-09 L, Pyro 650-83 L, Scorpion HK 4020/4025 820kV)
Battery mounted upside down for an optimized center of gravity
Contra engine bearing and 3 bearing for the main rotor shaft

For more information please feel free to contact HD Helicopters at info@hd-helicopters.com

Our Price: €299.00 Inc VAT