The HD700 is not only engineered, but also manufactured in Germany using the finest 7075 alloy as well as full carbon fiber. This helicopter boasts one of the most robust belt drive system on the market and is able to handle the most powerful motor systems available with ease. This machine can be flown using 716mm main blades and it uses up to 116mm tail blades as standard. The boom, 30mm in diameter, is made from a custom woven carbon fiber that is built exclusively for HD Helicopters in Germany.

With our own CNC facilities located in the Stuttgart area in the Southwestern part of Germany we are able to work with the most modern 5-Axis mills (Hermle C-22 U) being also used for real-aviation manufacturing. (What we do)
With this incredible chance we are able to prototype in almost no time and react flexible in case of demands of more parts or/and new models.

We believe in doing things different.
This starts in the design and ends in the hidden and almost unknown details. The threats for instance are formed, not cut. This gives an extraordinary strength in combination with the 7075 aloy. The pilot may realise long-term that screws (12.9) still run like day 1.
All Black colored screws are 12.9 strength to avoid early stripping.

The chance of producing on the latest and brand new 5-axis mills is a true boost in precission. As most of todays helis on the market are being manufactured on 3-axis mills (more cost effective) 3-dimensional parts need to be repossitioned up to 7 times. Every repossitioning has a negative effect in the overal precission of the part. Given meassurements and tollerances are almost impossible to follow.
The HD700 blade-grip is an unbelievable 1-cut part on our 5-axis and would need 7 seperate cuts on a 3-axis mill. We do not get tired to demonstrate this to our customers in our production-shop when they stop by for a coffee and/or pick up their heli.
The same with the Center Hub of the main head. 1 single cut. This precission is what customers can feel on the stick, More direct, more precise, more durable.

To give all of our aloy parts a very nice finish we glas-pearl blast every single aloy part. This is not just to give the aloy-parts a sophisticated look, it hardens the surface in addition. The little details make the difference!

The HD700 was designed to handle extreme power without any mid-term to long-term issues on the frame. The same time she is a great model for low-rpm down to 1200 RPM without any vibrations or "wobble" on the head.

For extreme 3D-performance we offer an additional frame-stiffener (HD702-2077). This is just optional and not truley necessarry. Even in hard 3D the frame takes the loads without problems.

Our plastic pans and the carbon fiber material is also manufactured in Germany. In this case we have direct access to our suppliers in case of any short-term requests of quantities and we can handle peaks flexible.

The HD700 can be ordered fully assembled with all screws secured or as a kit to assemble by the customer.


    • True 700 Class (716mm main blades). 690mm main blades will give enormous 3D performance
    • Tail blades up to 166mm
    • Full Carbon Fiber; 100%
    • Weight of frame incl. canopy excl. blades is ca. 2260g incl. battery tray. Future version without battery tray will be ca. 2170g
    • 10s to 14s
    • 24T stock pinion
    • Gear-ratio with 24T stock motor-pinion: 9,23:1
    • 400-560kV for 12s (80% ESC-opening = 400kV/1550RPM; 450kV/1740RPM; 500kV/1930RPM; 560kV/2150RPM)
    • 400-560kV for 10s (80% ESC-opening = 400kV/1290RPM; 450kV/1450RPM; 500kV/1600RPM; 560kV/1800RPM
    • Head-speed band: 1200 - 2200 RPM (Please contact your blade-manufacturer first for headspeeds outside the given limits of the blades)
    • Shore 90 dampers come with the kit. POM are included as an option
    • Dual Primary Belt Drive (Adjustable Primary Drive Ratio's)
    • Belt Driven Tail (Adjustable Tail Drive Ratio's)
    • High Tensile Strength Turnbuckles
    • 100% Manufactured and Engineered in Germany!

Needed to complete:

    • Motor
    • ESC
    • Servos
    • Main and Tail Blades
    • Battery
    • FBL Unit
    • 6ch+ TX/RX