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The HD1600 is a fully electric driven RC-Helicopter with a limited production quantity of 50 units for the hobby sector only. Every single airframe will be manufactured only on request and can be used as an airframe for super big scale helicopters.

The HD1600 has a 2-stage main-belt-drive system with a 5mm belt dividing to handle the strongest electrical- or turbine driven systems on the market.

This heli belongs to the largest RC-Helicopters in the world. This special battery version actually is the largest and biggest electrical helicopter in the world and can be converted up to customers requirements into a turbine version. The enitire process of CAD/CAM and milling will be done inhouse.

With 1600mm main blades the rotor-disk is 3,60 Meter in diamater.
The helicopter has a shaft driven and 3-bladed tail which can be considered completely free of play.
The tail servo is located directly underneath the tail-house to guarantee direct repsonse.

As our HD750 the HD1600 is also completely manufacured in 7075 Aluminium to guarantee the highest stress tollerances.

The entire system is and will be manufactured in real aviation production-parameters on the most modern CNC equipment available on the market and completely in Germany.

With a KONTRONIK Pyro 1000 and a Kosmik 200 operation with 14s and a headspeed between 650 and 800 RPM is absolutley no problem. Up to the pilots demand in flight-time battery capacity between 5.000 and 50.000 mAh can be placed underneath the battery tray.

The weight of the airframe without blades is 21.8KG.

Production time for a HD1600 will be 3-4 months. Please contact us early to check production slots.